What type of service would you like?
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Simple Cremation
From $1,195

Cremation without services.
Chosen by families who want:

  • Cremation and return of remains
  • No memorial service or gathering
  • No assistance beyond necessary paperwork
Memorial Celebration with Cremation
From $1,775

Cremation with service in your facility or ours.
This package includes:

  • basic services of the funeral director and staff
  • washing and disinfecting unembalmed remains
  • memorial service (at the funeral home)
  • flower car/utility vehicle
  • transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • basic memorial package of book, memorial cards and acknowledgement cards
Private Farewell with Cremation
From $2,375

This service includes a final viewing at our facility and the cremation. This plan includes:

  • Basic services of a licensed funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of deceased from place of death to crematory (within 40 miles)
  • Online Death Notice
  • Filing death certificate, forms, authorizations & permits
  • Minimum cremation container and urn
  • Dress & preparation of body (no embalming)
  • Final Goodbye at our facility for 30 minutes (10 people or less, 9am-4pm Mon.- Fri.)
  • Cremation Following Viewing